In-Office Testing & Procedures

DEXA: evaluation of bone density. Used for the evaluation and treatment of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Split Spirometry: Used in the evaluation of Asthma and COPD

Protime: used for patients who are on the blood thinner warfarin.

Used to evaluate patients with chest pain and evaluate for heart disease

Holter Monitor: Used to evaluate and treat patients with arrhythmias

ABI: (ankle brachial index) Used to evaluate and treat patients with peripheral vascular disease

Ambulatory blood pressure monitor: Used to Evaluate and treat patients with elevated blood pressure

Urinalysis: Used to evaluate and treat patients with kidney problems

Urine microalbumin testing: used to evaluate patients with diabetes for early kidney disease.

Remote care monitoring

Blood pressure, pulse, pulse oximetry, and weight are measure at home and automatically sent to your provider for review and monitoring.

Primary Care

New Patient Evaluation – “Where we get to know a new patient and focus in on a specific problem”
New Patient Physical Exam – “We get to know a new patient with a comprehensive history and exam”
Meet & Greet Appointment – “An opportunity to meet a provider to see if the office is a good fit”
Established Patient Visit – “To follow up on current medical problems for established patients”
Annual Examination – “An annual visit to address existing problems as well as review preventive medicine recommendations”
Medicare Wellness Examination – “To review current preventive medicine recommendations”
Acute/Sick Visit – “To address new medical problems for established patients”
Transitional Care – “For close follow up after a recent hospitalization”
Preoperative Appointment – “To assess the patient’s ability to safely undergo a surgery”